Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sania Mania a.k.a "I didn't manage my best"

So Sania Mirza loses again in the second round Unfancied Pin stuns top-seeded Mirza.
OK. I agree it was a tough match and as she says "She wasn't hitting the ball powerfully and I had to generate everything,". "It was hard playing someone like that. She played the best she could, and I didn't manage my best,".

Her best.

One question I would like to ask her is when will she manage her best?

After breaking in to the Top 50 of the WTA world rankings, she has been, to put it mildly, "a disappointment". She plays in major tournaments in the world only to crash out in the first/second round. And yet the media keep on going ga-ga about her. ( Of course there are several other things the media does, that is the matter of another post altogether).

Her T-Shirts, her earrings, her dresses, her attitude, her thighs (Sorry that would be the mullahs). It just goes on and on.

And then there is the Padmashree. The moment I heard that Sania Mirza is going to get a Padmashree, I was surprised, shocked and hurt. I mean what has been such a spectacular achievement so far that she deserves a Padmashree? P. Gopichand had to win the All-England to get it, whereas she got it just because she went so far as the Third round of the Australian Open and face Venus Williams. I just don't believe this.

I have nothing against Sania. I love the way she plays and I am proud of the fact that she gives me a reason to cheer for India during a tennis match. But giving her so much attention and importance so early in her career is just not done. That is the best way to kill a career. We know what happened to Paes and Bhupathi once success got into their head. Do we want Sania to head in the same direction?

Dear Sania, I am still waiting to see your best.