Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ghajini - Bollywood Flashback

Ghajini is vintage 70-80's Bollywood, albeit 10-15 years too late. 

It's copybook revenge-masala fick with bits of "Memento" shoehorned in for the sake of modernizing it.

After watching the movie, I set out thinking - Would the movie have been any different if you just played around the cast with vintage 70-80's  actors a bit.

So here goes my take -

Ghajini - 1976
Sanjay Singhania - Vinod Khanna
Kalpana - Hema Malini
Ghajini - Shetty
Sunita - Neetu Singh

Ghajini - 1983
Sanjay Singhania - Mithun Chakraborty
Kalpana - Rati Agnihotri
Ghajini - Ranjeet
Sunita - Sarika

Ghajini - 1988
Sanjay Singhania - Anil Kapoor
Kalpana - Sridevi
Ghajini - Amrish Puri
Sunita - Sonam

Ghajini - 1993
Sanjay Singhania - Sunny Deol
Kalpana - Juhi Chawla
Ghajini - Puneet Issar
Sunita - Sonali Bendre

Well you could make the movie with exactly the same story and exactly the same everything else with any of the casts mentioned above ........ and the result would still have been the same.....GHAJINI...

Soort terrm maimoree looss


Iconoclast said...

Ingenious and insightful! Why not bring about a series of movies which can be "re-made" with a change in cast, the movie's effect being unaltered :D

But do get prepared for serious backlash from Aamir fans ;)

Abhishek said...

That's a good idea actually....
can you think of any such generic hindi films
Jab We Met maybe??

Iconoclast said...

JWM is a classic case of a movie being supa-dupa hit because of the sheer chemistry of the actors!

That was a poor attempt of floccinoccinihilipilification!!!