Friday, August 25, 2006

Kyunki Ba Bhi Kabhi Beti Thi

A well known fact is that all the "K" serials that are telecast on all the channels are a pain in the a%^@. What is not publicised is exactly how much painful they actually are.......
Bereft of all logic and common sense, they continue to assault our senses day in and day out. And the sad part is that they are all so frighteningly addictive that you simply cannot do without them. (The other options do not exist if you stay with our family and both your parents are glued to Tulsi and Kashish and Prerna)

But that is not the whole point of this post.

This has more to do with the age of the characters in the serials. Or rather the agelessness of them. Take for example Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, the lead character Tulsi, by conservative estimates, is at least 80 years old. Yes, Eighty years. And you should see the spright in her step, her total body language and all that. Don't believe me...Well here is a back of the hand calculation.

Assume she got married at 18 (the minimum legal age of marriage). The serial has taken two 20 year time leaps. Then she was in prison for about 10-14 years. So add it up and it comes to 70-72.

Then let's add the normal course of time shown during the serial (barring time leaps), say it's around 5-7 years.

OK and add to that the years in which Tulsi's husband was absent and was in Australia or New Zealand with the Mandira Bedi character. That should be around 2-3 years. So adding it all up again....Viola!, we have the character aging 80 years at least. And this is just a rough estimate.

So her husband should be around 82-83. By the way he was about to get married a couple of weeks ago !......

And where does that leave Ba, the matriarch. She was a grandmother when Tulsi got married. Assume around 60-65 minimum. Add to that the 62 years that the serial has moved on and we get a character aged 125 plus.

Wow ! This is one hell of a geriatric friendly show !!

And one does have to admit that India finally does science fiction with ease. And this serial is a living proof. This serial began in 1999 and assuming real time dynamics this serial is now showing us things that will happen in the year 2061....Amazing..!!!!

And this is not the only serial to do so, the other popular soap Kasautti Zindagi Ki also has similar , or rather even more bolder geriatric romance themes. The serial has taken three time jumps and all the lead characters in their early 90s and they are still yearning for other people's wives and getting married and all that, without even a gray hair on their head.

All this geriatric action surely proves that you can actually be "old and bold and beautiful".....