Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sameness, Blandness and New English writing

A few days back I finished reading all of Ashwin Sanghi. The Rozabal Line - in which he tries to do a Dan Brown on Dan Brown. Chanakya's Chant which is good read but nothing which you can recall after one week. And finally, The Krishna Key in which he regurgitates some of his ideas from The Rozabal Line and presents them in a new format.The books were fast paced and made use of cinematic techniques in presenting scenarios. No wonder that the books themselves have found favour commercially.

But, in a way the books were all same. They were all bland. The same underwhelming feeling I got when I finished reading all the parts the hugely successful Siva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi. There is no wow moment. No recall value and most importantly no repeat value.

Downloaded the app of Juggernaut Books. Again, it is bland and boring. Focus on Erotica with Sunny Leone being the anchor author. Free books section is laughable. Self publishing mode is interesting. Doesn't work offline.

People say Chetan Bhagat changed the direction of New English writing in India. I disagree. What he did change what the price point. 

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