Monday, October 24, 2005

That 80s Thing

I started with a e-mail forward I recieved last week and that thing has been contiuosly hitting me time and again. I like to call it the "80s thing".
It's all about those TV shows we used to watch wasy back in our childhood. Not the obviuos ones like Ramanand sagar's Ramayana or B.R. Chopra's Mahabharat. What I mean is the lesser known (and probably lesser remembered) ones.
How many of us remember a series called INDRADHANUSH ?. It was about a group of kids who develop a time-machine and then have number of time-travelling adventures. If I am not wrong it featured a very young Akshay Anand (now seen essaying character roles in TV serials, after a rather unsuccessful film career). Some of the situations were so believable that I remember them even now. One "futuritic" episode featured a the hero having to fight his clone !!, and have meals right out of a capsule !!
Another series which comes to my mind is SPACE CITY SIGMA (I seem obsessed with Science Fiction series) this was a Star Trek/Star Wars copy and even if tacky, I thought it was rather good.
Do we have anyplace to preserve such old TV material ???
In those ages with no cartoon network around we had to rely on Good Old Doordarshan (Hey that comes to G.O.D.......oh my @$% !!!). So let me rant off a lift of cartoons that I loved to watch ....1. He-Man
2. Spiderman
3. Superman
Also though not strictly a cartoon, I think "Johnny Sokko and the Giant Robot" would qualify.
Watching a spoof of VIKRAM AUR BETAAL on The Great Indian Comedy Show last night , a sudden surge of nostalgia swept through me.
All I am saying is even with soooo many channels around, are we getting the kind of programmes we really want to watch?
We used to watch so many different types of movies on the Sunday afternoon regional movie slot or on the late night slot.

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Beryl said...

"Hey that comes to G.O.D.......oh my @$% !!!). So let me rant off a lift of cartoons that I loved to watch ....1. He-Man
2. Spiderman"

Lol..that was too good.
I stil remember the Rasna ad that used to come before spiderman was telecast..oh what days!!!
He man was very enjoyable too and dont get me started on every kid's fav serial "Giant robot"