Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More on That 80s Thing ........

Found a fellow i arms, finally.
Here are two links to further elucidate that somethings are indeed memorable

In fact there is some thing on 80s advertisements as well.....

Some of these ads, even the Kayam Churna one is still on air. Good things never go out of fashion.

Blooper: Pudin Hara is a product from Dabur and not from Hamdard.


Joe Powel said...
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myriadmind said...

first things first
the gung ho was mine and not urs
secondly it will amaze u how much of that 80's memory my batchmates and me remember
so much so that we sing only ads and jingles in a chorus
but it was nice to read it

wasted said...

hey guys thats so cute...
two young men fighting over a gung ho.
don't think I am being sarcastic, but it really is sweet.