Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Harry Potter and the art of writing fantasy

Finaly after resisting for so long, I read through all the six Harry Potter books at a go.

Few points to ponder

1. The number of pages in the series keeps on increasing, i.e. HP6>HP5>HP4>HP3>HP2>HP1

2. From the fourth book onwards, situations become more grand and cinematic. Probably because JKR now knew that all her books would probably be made into movies, so why waste time writing a screenplay all over again.

3. Some of the word plays are really good
Diagon Alley - play on "diagonally"
Knockturn Alley - play on "nocturnally"
Severus Snape - play on "severe" meaning harsh (which he is, to Harry) and "snake"
Hagrid - play on "haggard"
Slytherin - play on "slithering"
Malfoy - play on "malicious" and "foe"
the list could go on and on....

4. Without the movies, the books would really have been also-rans and not global bestsellers. Actors like Alan Rickman who plays Snape and Robbie Coltrane - Hagrid are so very good in their roles that they actually make the characters come alive.

Anyone who has watched Alan Rickman in "Galaxy Quest" and "Robin Hood - prince of Theives" will understand why I am saying this.

Also watch Robbie Coltrane in the James Bond movies "Goldeneye" and "The World is not Enough"

And the films just keep getting better and better.

5. Maybe I am getting the whole plot wrong, but somehow Ron and Hermione do not make a very good "couple". Or maybe they do- it's just that Rupert Grint and Emma Watson don't look good together ;D

Next stop....The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, before I watch the movie (Could only manage to do that for Charlie and the Chocolate factory)

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