Thursday, March 30, 2006

Two line movie reviews

A post after a really long time….

Have been catching up on a few movies lately, so here goes my two line reviews

  1. Rang De Basanti – Much talked about, but the fact is this - It is not an Aamir Khan film. And if you watch it thinking that it is an Aamir movie, you will be disappointed. Biggest plus - It has a very good musical score, both song wise and background.
  2. Taxi No. 9211 – A very good reworking of Changing Lanes. The musical score works very well. Nana is in his element. This fellow has been giving on a roll these few months after Ab Tak Chappan, Apharan, Bluffmaster and now Taxi ….. Plus any movie that has Sonali Kulkarni is definitely watchable.
  3. Zinda – Was expecting a lot. Very very disappointing. But again, the music works where the scenes don’t
  4. Bluffmaster – If it was a little bit pacier, I would have compared it to my all time fave caper film Ocean’s Twelve. And again the music works where the scenes don’t (Isn’t it strange that Hindi film-makers have suddenly realized the importance of a good background score!!!)
  5. The Spy Who Loved Me – Well, What can I say, a James Bond movie is always a treat and this one has all the masala – Action, Locations, Gadgets and Babes - especially Agent XXX.
  6. Fight Club – Begins slowly, but then suddenly it has a pace that grips you. If anyone out there who hasn’t seen this…..Please do

(Note – Not the Hindi one please)

[This film actually deserves a whole post……..Hmmm]

More movie reviews coming up soon….

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