Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Partner" Movie Review

OK...I know it's a little late.
In fact little is an understatement, it's more than a year delayed, but hey ...what the hell.
It was drafted then....and as they say...Better Late Than Never..

Partner's - In Crime

As luck would have it (or is it HBO's way of getting back!) I saw the Will Smith starrer Hitch immediately after I saw Partner. And is a really shameless frame-by-frame copy. But really, are we actually watch Partner because of it's story! which by the way is as follows - A loser in Bhaskar (Govinda)seeks out the advise of a 'love-guru' Prem (Salman Khan in his most famous screen name) to win his rich and famous lady love (Katrina Kaif). For the rest of the 'story' I suggest watching Hitch.

But do go and watch Partner solely and solely for Salman Khan. Here is an actor, much maligned for his off-screen antics, on top of his acting abilities. In fact his act is so refined and fine-tuned that the other 'hero' is reduced to being a supporting actor. And long after the 'story' has ended, the film continues only to show more of what Salman can deliver. There has never been any question about Salman's comedy skills. Films like Judwaa and Biwi No. 1 are testimony (Both not - so - incidentally directed by David Dhawan, who wields the baton for this movie also) to that.

But here, Salman is just sitting back and enjoying himself. He makes jokes on himself, his own songs, his penchant for opening his shirt at the slightest provocation, his tendency to pick up a brawl and so on. He even pokes fun at his contemporaries like Shah Rukh ( as Chhota Don, played by Rajpla Yadav) and Aamir Khan too.

Even Govinda pitches in. After a series of indifferent roles, downright bad films and mis-starts (Salaam-e-Ishq) he is back in form, laughing at himself all the way. He has fun at the expense of his weight, his dancing style his brand of comedy and all.

Katrina and Lara Dutta look like a million bucks. Lara wowed us in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and she continues to do so here. In fact the entire Lara- single mom with kid routine (which wasn't there in Hitch) works beautifully, precocious kid and all. Katrina is magnificent and David realizes soon that as long as Kaif smiles her dazzling smile and shows off her amazing booty and doesn't mouth many lines, she's a hit..... all the way.

The music if functional and enjoyable, with the title song and "You're my love' being the pick of the lot. The film does stretch a bit, but hey the entire auditorium was in splits all through. And in the end that's all that really matters sometimes. Copy or no Copy.

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Iconoclast said...

The author has quite lucidly put out everything that you might need to know (& don't) about the movie. Seen the movie quite a few times, I totally agree upon Salman's 'tashan' and screen presence, apart from the beauties!!!

The best thing about the review was its crispness.

All the best!